A crafty green heron (Butorides viriscens) snags an unfortunate tadpole, Portland, OR, USA. 
photo by Scott Carpenter
(via: Audubon Society of Portland)

Cincciono requested by Mega-sync (and did with palette 20)

Iceland | by: { Kiana McCourt }

Lavender Sunset by Lonnie Hicks


Cullasaja Falls © snapdragginphoto
Seen roadside off NC64 between Highlands and Franklin, North Carolina, Cullasaja Falls is one of NCs most impressive waterfalls. It is the last major waterfall on the Cullasaja River as it drops into the rugged Cullasaja Gorge. In 1540, Spanish Conquistador Hernando de Soto and his men explored the gorge in their quest for gold. If you’ve ever seen this area, you’d realize that had to have been a particularly mean hike.